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Women Enterpreneurship

The mission of TBP Entrepreneurship Springboard Program is to locate, educate and cultivate entrepreneurs worldwide- India as the ESP Pilot. As a nation comprised of 80% villages, ensuring economic stability for the suburban communities is challenging but essential. Mass unemployment in the Indian subcontinent must be mitigated through mass entrepreneurship. The Boston Pledge ESP seeks sustainable nationwide grass-roots revolution in small business development. ESP integrates a global expertise and resource base for value-addition across the development life cycles of new firms. The successful 2005-06 ESP pilot Workshop launched by TBP in the state of West Bengal, India through international collaboration illustrates that qualities like innovation and business acumen are not the currency of the learned-few,but a latent capability that can be nurtured and developed across all communities.

Since then TBP has arranged about 50 ESP workshops around the world. Our goal is to bring the benefit of ESP workshop to Dasghara and help develop young women entrepreneurs through collaboration with Prithwish Chandra Biswas Kanya Mahavdyalaya.